Mercedes Benz S Class 2014: The Safest Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG Mercedes Benz is a German automobile manufacturer that is also a multinational division of Daimler AG. When people hear the word Mercedes, it is usually associated with luxury automobiles such as cars, buses, coaches, and even trucks. All automobiles manufactured by Mercedes Bens are of high quality because it is what they want to impart, evidenced by their slogan, which is “The Best or Nothing”. Mercedes Benz is undeniably great in manufacturing its automobiles and this is why it is considered as one of the “German Big 3” together with Audi and BMW.

Mercedes Benz S Class, 2014

Mercedes Benz has produced many high quality cars under the brand name Mercedes. Their vehicles are all famous since they always keep on upgrading the features of their cars. One of the most recently released cars under Mercedes is the Mercedes Benz S Class.

Mercedes Benz S Class is made up of aluminum-intensive unibody that contains a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid. This car was made with sharper lines, large grille, redesigned rear end, and a sportier front fascia. This car also comes with a twin-turbocharged V-8 or V-12. This can support a speed of 130 mph in an estimated 4.8 sec. This best compete the latest Audi A8, Lexus LS, Jaguar XJ, BMW 7-series, and Porsche Panamera. Mercedes Benz S-Class is a 2014 model that conducted its debut last July, 2013. This car is said to cost at about $93,000.

Safety of Mercedes for Personal Injury Due to Car Accident

Personal injury due to car accidents is inevitable. This is why Mercedes Benz keeps on developing their cars to effectively eliminate any unnecessary happening regarding the car usage. Mercedes Benz S Class, being the latest Mercedes Benz car, has some of the safety equipments innovated by Mercedes Benz to address issues such as personal injury and car accident. Mercedes knows how unexpected and grave a car accident or personal injury can be. Because of that, they have built an inflatable bag located on the front wheels known as the “braking bag” to avoid severe personal injury damages because of a car accident. In case a car accident is about to happen because of some unexpected reasons, the braking bag will inflate and will push the metal plate out of its position. It will then fall onto the ground, which in turn can help in minimizing the speed of the car that could also minimize the personal injury damages suffered by the persons inside. There are also seat-mounted side-airbags in the car that will push the occupants into the center to minimize the impact of a car accident. Air bag seatbelts are also available, but this feature has been already optional. These features of Mercedes Benz S class are truly great to minimize damages from a personal injury.

Mercedes Benz wanted to give you total satisfaction with regards to car quality while not disregarding the safety of the passenger at the same time. This is why Mercedes remains being on top of all luxury car dealers not only because of its beauty, but also because of the safety it can give against personal injury and car accident.